Fighting for Taxpayers


A Message from Dante


California is facing many challenges today. Years of recession, government overspending, jobs moving out of state, water shortages and criminals being released into our neighborhoods has caused California to lose some of its former luster.

Many in Sacramento want to raise your income taxes, sales taxes, and change Proposition 13 to raise your property taxes, but I know the solution isn’t raising taxes. We must focus on education, job creation, rebuilding our economy and infrastructure and cutting wasteful government spending.

I’m fighting to restore our beautiful state by reducing regulations, securing our borders, keeping criminals in prison where they belong, incentivizing businesses to return to California and bringing more jobs to the state.

Raised in the 38th District by a single mother who taught her five children to work hard, tell the truth and do our best. I understand hard work, determination and perseverance and that’s what I will give to the taxpayers of the district.

Prior to entering public service, I built a successful career in finance, helping businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals and plan for a secure future.

As Mayor Pro Tem of Santa Clarita I have worked to improve economic development, public safety, senior and youth issues.

As your Assemblyman I’ve focused on bringing good paying jobs to our community, on making sure our schools are giving our children what they need to get ahead, and on increasing public safety and law enforcement to keep our families safe.

Help me move California in a new direction. Email me with any questions at

- Dante Acosta