Budget and Spending

If we want to stay competitive as a state we MUST reign in any wasteful spending and get control of our budget! We need to examine spending priorities and look into which state agencies and departments are obsolete or duplicative. California taxpayers deserve a representative who will make the tough decisions about our spending priorities and not just keep raising taxes to pay for more spending.


Ask any small business owner and they will tell you that California while once a leader in business development is now one of the most difficult places to do business. From minimum wage and work rule requirements, CEQA regulations, high taxes and other regulations are overwhelming our small businesses. Coming from a small business family that prospered in California it is doubtful that we would have been able to operate our business today under the current regulatory environment. Small businesses are the #1 creators of new jobs and we need to help them succeed, not stand in their way.


I have worked closely with area law enforcement as a member of Santa Clarita’s Public Safety Sub Committee. The early release of criminals through Assembly Bill 109, and the reduction of many serious crimes from felonies to misdemeanors through Prop. 47 has caused crime to rise throughout the state. We now have more criminals on the street, more drug problems, and more homelessness, and it puts our families and communities at risk. I will take a tough stand against the politically correct attitudes of Sacramento and ensure that criminals stay in jail and that we put the safety of our families ahead of feel-good policies.


California residents are taxed enough. Our fiscal problems aren’t a lack of revenue – they are a lack of spending restraint. If it weren’t for the protections of Prop 13 California property owners would have been taxed into oblivion with many of our seniors, the disabled and others on a fixed income priced out of their own homes. California taxpayers pay the highest taxes in the country and its time to get our priorities straight if we want a strong economy.


Education is the biggest spending item in the California budget, and while we have some of the highest per-pupil-spending in the country, we rank near the bottom in quality. Education is in need of reforms and as a state we are not getting all we can out of the system. It’s time to put our children first – not the unions. I want to ensure that we are spending money in the classroom and not on the bureaucracy.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Key to our economy and our quality of life, transportation must be a priority in Sacramento. When I served on the SCAG Transportation Subcommittee and currently as a council member, the need for increased investment in our transportation system has been one of my focus areas. The state of our roads and highways and other critical infrastructure is causing traffic delays and costing individuals and businesses billions in lost productivity. We can no longer allow our road funds to be hijacked for other uses and I will insist that funding of our roads is a priority.


California and this country are shaped by our immigrants and we should welcome those into our country who want to come legally, become productive members of our society and contribute. However, the border and immigration policies that are in practice today are out of control and are contributing to many societal problems such as overcrowded roads and schools, crime and a strain on our social welfare system. While we should welcome legal immigration, illegal immigration must be brought under control and pressure must be brought on the federal government to enforce our border laws.


This issue tracks very closely with small business and regulations. Most jobs today are created by small businesses but with all the new rules and regulations that Sacramento comes up every year it has become extremely challenging for small businesses to operate here. We need to assist these entrepreneurs to create new jobs and industries in our state but reducing regulations that are unnecessary or duplicative.

CEMEX, Aliso Canyon, Whittaker-Bermite and Santa Susana

These are important issues in various corners of our Assembly District. Addressing them requires someone who understands them, the impact they have on their communities, and a commitment to those communities. I will continue my work on these issues with our local, state and federal partners to ensure that the ongoing issues are resolved. This includes ensuring the massive CEMEX mine doesn’t open; the Aliso Canyon gas leak is permanently sealed and the residents are safe and secure in their homes; and that Santa Susana and Whittaker Bermite cleanup projects are continuously monitored and the communities assured that the sites are clean and safe.